Carolyn Pulyk of Baba Jenny’s Ukrainian Foods always thought that her family’s traditional Ukrainian food tasted as good as anyone else’s, but her husband  knew its taste had business potential. Carolyn’s family's food was good enough to sell, it just needed some effort to make the jump into the retail market.

​Carolyn’s mother, Jenny Borysiuk (the woman who shares the store’s name), had been catering in the Vermilion community for over 30 years before the company’s start, so they found it easy to market her food locally. Vermilionites knew that Jenny’s pyrohy and Ukrainian specialties were delicious, and her catering service was constantly booked full.

 “Even the labor is local!” Over a dozen babas from the Vermilion area form a line along stainless steel tables, making cabbage rolls and other Ukrainian specialties.  The whole staff is committed to upholding Baba Jenny’s image and the great, homemade taste of its food.

The business has seen a lot of success in its infancy,  They hope to see Baba Jenny’s expand across the provinces and countries so that everyone can enjoy the Borysiuk family’s  Ukrainian food.

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